Case Studies

Get to know some of our projects

Case study – Innovamat

What is Innovamat? At Innovamat they are committed, through didactic resources, to learning mathematics competences through dialogue and manipulation, through experiences and the development of [...]

Case study – Verse

About the client Verse aims to take the friction out of spending and sharing money through peer-to-peer transactions. Its digital wallet enables instant, secure and free sharing of spending in [...]

Case study – Venca

We would like to share with you our day-to-day experience with our client Venca, its Technical Account Manager has answered some questions about the project. What is Venca? Venca is the leading [...]

Case study – Finloop

What is Finloop? FinLoop is a leading provider of integrated and flexible software solutions for the commercial real estate debt market. Our team of real estate finance professionals, [...]

Case study – Aizon

What is Aizon? Aizon is an AI software provider that transforms manufacturing operations through the use of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and other intelligent factory technologies [...]