Cloud resellers

Cloud resellers

We manage your account in the cloud provider of your choice

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Saves costs
and reduces risks

We manage your platform in the cloud provider that best suits your needs. We analyse your infrastructure and manage it in the cloud in the most efficient way, saving you costs. We are provider-neutral and we are in your shoes.

We simplify the management of your platform

Cheaper billing

Your bill will be 10% – 20% cheaper than contracting directly with your cloud provider, as we offer support completely free of charge to our customers.

Monthly billing

Complete monthly invoicing reports with the possibility of optimising costs based on the improvement proposals offered by our recommendation software.


We provide you with basic monitoring of your platform with email alerts for any incident or change.

AWS Enterprise Support

In addition, if you have or create an AWS account you will have AWS Enterprise Support through our ticketing and technical support platform.

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