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Geko Cloud your trusted MSP

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), at Geko Cloud we want to help you manage your company’s ICT infrastructure and IT systems. Depending on the needs of your company, our team will manage and guarantee the operation of all applications, networks, infrastructure and IT security of the entire company, through a service level agreement (SLA).

Thus, if your company does not have an internal department that manages and administers your Cloud, networks, databases, etc., or if you have one but to promote innovation and value creation you do not want to lose focus on tasks that do not have to do with the development of your product, from the SRE department of Geko Cloud, we can provide you with managed services, always as an extension of your own team, monitoring your systems at all times and ensuring the availability, performance and security of your system.

This service can be a very good option for management and maintenance, being a lower investment than hiring your own staff.

Solutions and managed services with geko cloud

Benefits of contracting a managed services company

Optimise processes, enriching the IT areas of your company.

Access to an expert and specialised team in different IT areas.

Reduce the risks associated with IT services, providing your company with continuity and DRP.

Improve the security of your application thanks to 24/7 service and monitoring tools.

Increase your company's efficiency and provide proper quality management.

Cost savings: we are based on a subscription model. You pay monthly only for the contracted services.

Who contracts the services of a Manged Services Provider?

Whether you are an SME or a large enterprise, you can hire a Managed Services Provider.

As a company specialised in cloud environments, Geko Cloud offers you a wide range of services so that your team can stay focused on the most important priorities of your business.

We are your strategic partner

Managed Services we offer

Cloud Management

Focus your resources on your product and your company, we take care of managing your cloud infrastructure.

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Microservices and Docker

We offer you services and solutions for your enterprise cloud platform through deployment, operations and monitoring tools.

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Ensure the stability of your applications by using Kubernetes.

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Focus on development, we run your tests and build your docker images.

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Cloud Migration

We adapt 100% to your infrastructure and technologies when migrating to the cloud.

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You have a continuous real-time monitoring system to know what is happening in your infrastructure at all times.

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Detect and analyse the solutions to your incidents thanks to the NOC service Geko NOC (Network Operation Center), a 24X7 monitoring service.

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Technical support services

We have a close, motivated and highly qualified technical support.

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Delegate the management of your infrastructures to specialised professionals.



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