Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Take your company to the Cloud

Nowadays many organizations start to think in how the migration to cloud environments could help them with scalability, cost-efficiency and improve application performance.

Companies that start with the cloud migration, face with lots of doubts related with data synchronization, deployment, automatize process, template the instance services and more. Maybe the worst and most common mistake during the process it’s try to maintain same IT architecture and don’t really use cloud approach services.

Geko team studies your specific case and adapt your platform in a cloud friendly way providing all the resources to face successfully with the project:

cloud migration development services

Custom cloud migration

Our cloud migration projects includes tools for changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. Our DevOps use latest technologies to ensure your business continuity while allows improve changes in live.

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3 Reasons why starting your business Cloud Migration

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More scalable

DevOps Tools

In order to implement a DevOps model inside a company it is mandatory introduce some DevOps tools that will help us with all the points related with the CI/CD, communications, and orchestration process. There are a lot of different services and software that provides solutions but from Geko we are very confident with some like: Jenkins, GitHub,, Spinnaker, Ansible, Docker… of course we must to adapt and find out tools for any particular case.


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