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At Geko we collaborate in the agile and secure growth of companies operating on the Internet. We empower your technical team, through DevOps methodologies, cloud infrastructure management and microservices .

Unlike other companies, we do not work exclusively with any cloud service provider. We are free to adapt to the needs of our clients and introduce ourselves into their methodologies and work philosophy.

Direct contact and proximity to our customers is a fundamental pillar of our service.

We master all technologies

Our operations and project services are always implemented based on the principles of DevOps philosophy.

Our services

We develop or
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Our best guarantee?
Our clients

Geko is a company made up of highly professional, knowledgeable and performance oriented people. No doubt if you are looking for a company to help you in everything related to Cloud strategies, Devops, CI / CA, etc … with an exquisite follow-up and dedication, and a high proactivity they are a company to count on.
Venca - CTO
Working with Geko means security in all the services they offer us We always make sure that everything works smoothly with direct and immediate attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to always offering you the service you need, assessing your needs at all times and proposing the necessary improvements when you need them. From our point of view, everything is easy with Geko, something very valued nowadays.
Lowpost - CTO
Geko is a first class partner, whenever we have needed them they have been there and they have provided us with an excellent service, solving complex infrastructure problems.
Verse - CTO
I have worked with Geko from 2 completely different perspectives. First in a company with an annual turnover of 50 M. In this context the most important thing was stability, cost control, monitoring and security management. Geko supported me during this period, proving to be professional, fast and proactive. In the 2nd scenario (the current one) it is a startup and the approach is completely the opposite. I expect (and get) from them to contribute ideas, solutions and pivot with whatever is necessary. They know how to put themselves in my skin, be flexible and give in every moment the answer I need. Too often I make them go that “extra mile” for some difficult situation and they are always there. Now is when I say that I would “recommend a friend”, but in fact, I have been recommending them for a long time.
FinLoop - CTO
You will not notice that are an “external company” due to their full dedication and implication in the project. I’m working with them for more than one year and they are always a step further detecting needs an proposing solution that combined with the expertise they have of AWS make them the perfect companion.
At MEDSIR we have collaborated with GEKO in a unification of the accounts in the organization and the creation of an S3 based environment for the management and data processing of our clinical trials through secure processes and we are very happy with the result. Today we are working in a more agile and efficient way, all thanks to the professionalism of the GEKO team.
Geko takes your infrastructure and development processes to the "state of the art". A team always ready to help you, as well as simplifying your complex scenarios, eliminating "vendor locking" and reducing costs, always with the best practices and maximum flexibility. In short, it is the ideal complement to your infrastructure without losing control and ownership.
Carnovo - CTO
Geko is a solid, reliable company with a brilliant team. From minute one they have sought a way to add value to the business by providing technical solutions based on experiences and helping us to improve and scale our infrastructure with reliability and security. Infra as a service, improvement in monitoring processes, security, product consulting, IC/CD improvement among others has been possible thanks to them. A great ally to grow your IT department.
The partnership with Geko set a milestone in our infrastructure and pipelines, they have an extremely skilled team with the closeness of an in-house development.
Geko Cloud is a great partner for any IT department. They helped us designing and implementing our current infrastructure, plus setting up and maintaining our Kubernetes environment. Very professional, are proactive and answer fast when we face and issue.
Mascoteros - CPO
Excellent service, professionality and execution. The migration, despite the fact that we are a complicated SaaS, was done in an agile way, without any frustration. Logically, chance and luck do not exist, everything was the result of proper coordination, experience knowing what they had in hand. All the team we have dealt with have reflected and transmitted being great professionals who knew what they were doing and with a degree of empathy towards our technology and business that I have rarely seen before. 100% recommended for all those who want to upgrade their hosting and work side by side with a company that "takes care of your business".
Adinton - CEO
Counting on Geko has been a success.Their pofessionality, attention and personal quality is really high. With his team you can feel confident that the infrastructure of your project is in good hands and that you will be able to face future challenges that may arise.
Shopery - CTO


Why trust Geko Cloud?

We adapt 100% to your needs and technologies, working as one more piece of your equipment.

Our service is based on proximity to the client, maintaining direct and fluid communication at all times.

We support our clients in their challenges and we are committed to their business.

For us it is essential to understand our clients’ perspective and to understand their concerns in order to help them achieve their desired solutions and objectives.


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