Focus on development, we run your tests and build your docker images.

Continuous Integration has become a must in modern software development. Geko provides a CI/CD platform that fits your needs:

Advantages of an ‘as a service’ CI / CD platform

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Docker native

You use docker in development, why shouldn’t you be able to use docker in other environments? Our platform is built 100% on docker.

gestión automática

Always-on feature branches

Every time your team creates a new branch, the code will be tested, built and deployed to an accessible URL. QA team and Product Owners will love you!

configuración fácil CI/CD

Hosted or On-Premise

Worried about security? You already have unused infra? Just Bring Your Own Infrastructure (BYOI) and Geko will use it to build / test / deploy your code.

herramientas integración CI/CD

Easy configuration

Configure the CI pipeline with a simple YAML file in the code repository. The pipeline will always be aligned with changes in the code.


Tool integration

Customize your pipeline with any of the existing plugins (Artifactory, Slack, ECR, Jenkins, …) or easily create a new one.

The future is here. Are You in?

As soon as a new release is generated, it’s time to deploy it.

It’s very common to find deployment processes based on ad-hoc scripts, manual steps and outdated documentation. How long does your code take to be deployed in production? How many releases can you perform each week? And each day?

With Geko, your code deployment will cease to be manual, repetitive and error prone and will become automated, fast and reliable.


Our CD platform offers:


Pipeline as code

Define your delivery pipeline as a text file in your code repository or using an intuitive user interface.


Multi cloud

Deploy on any cloud provider, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Kubernetes.


Fully automated

Just trigger the pipeline and forget about it. You can always set manual steps in case you need to perform any validation.


Several strategies

Choose the deployment strategy (blue/green, canary, standalone, …) that best suits your needs.


Easy and fast rollback

Just rollback to the previous version (automatically or with a single click) in case anything goes wrong with the new release.

The future is here. Are You in?