Hybrid cloud connectivity

Hybrid cloud connectivity

Future is hybrid!
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Your cloud infrastructure

Your cloud infrastructure needs to be connected with the world!

Nowadays, infrastructure is moving to a decentralized and hybrid model where we must deal with connectivity to different vendors.

Your company needs to have a robust network architecture that allows you to grow and ensure security to protect your customers and data.


Network technologies for cloud infrastructure


Client VPN Connectivity

If you need to securely access to your Cloud protected resources from any location, you need client VPN connectivity. We can configure a dedicated OpenVPN software or, even better, and depending on the cloud provider, setup a managed client-based VPN service (AWS). It provides a secure TLS connection from any location using the OpenVPN client available for several operating systems (Linux, Windows and Mac). You will be able to enable client authentication using Active Directory and/or certificate-based authentication.
With this technology you will be able to work remotely securely accessing your Cloud resources.


Site-to-site VPN

UA site-to-site VPN allows you to connect your offices in multiple fixed locations to your Cloud infrastructure, establishing secure connections with each other over a public network such as the INternet. Site-to-site VPN extends your company’s network, making Cloud resources available to your on-premise infrastructure and vice-versa. This kind of connectivity can be configured with high-availability creating tunnels between several endpoints and dynamic routing protocols such as BGP to avoid any service interruption in case of outages with one of the endpoints.


Hybrid dedicated connectivity

If you need to establish a dedicated connection for your premises to your Cloud infrastructure we can configure a private connectivity between you datacenter and/or office environment. In many cases, this kind of connectivity can reduce your network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections. Several cloud providers support this kind of connectivity and you will be able to setup a high-available and secure connection using MPLS or other transport technologies. You can also use this kind of connectivity to connect with third-parties payment or banking platforms. We can also configure a VPN with BGP over the private lines.


Virtual Private Cloud Connections

Each public cloud provider bring different network technologies. Direct Connect, InterConnect or Expressroute are some of the main network layer technologies we use to work with.


Third party connectivity providers

There are several scenarios where we are not able to use standard platforms to establish connectivity between environments. In these specific cases, Geko Cloud could provide you alternative proposals using OpenSource technologies like OpenSwan, pfsense, iptables, etc… to create NAT rules, tunnels, etc. We also have experience implementing FW software by main security vendors like FortiNet, PaloAlto and more.

Edge workload and security

We extend your private on premise VLAN and use several other architecture approach in order to use cloud for some specific workload your platform may need for grow, push campaign, black friday, etc.

In Geko Cloud we always ensure all the layers and make pentesting to prove the security of your perimeter infrastructure.

We help Fintech companies to integrate connectivity to the bank API services using private and secure connectivity



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