Case study – Innovamat

Case study – Innovamat

What is Innovamat?

At Innovamat they are committed, through didactic resources, to learning mathematics competences through dialogue and manipulation, through experiences and the development of strategies.

Challenges for Geko

The Innovamat project is composed of different parts that required analysis in order to support the growth of the platform that would translate into overall performance. On the backend side, the aim was to separate into microservices in search of optimisation, while with the front-end team, it was necessary to implement compression algorithms and automatic deployments.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to consider a geographical growth that makes the infrastructure to be distributed over several areas, the whole environment has to be monitored and the ETL team has to be supported in order to optimise the DATA part.

Project development

The project starts to develop by creating a new infrastructure with IAC (Terraform). In addition, the following is done:

  • Moving part of its infrastructure to Kubernetes and creating Continuous Integration pipelines. This involves having on-demand environments in Kubernetes for code testing.
  • Optimisation of the monitoring and alerting system, in order to have a global vision of the operation in real time.
  • Launching stress tests and performance control.
  • Analysis of the architecture and environment to optimise security and performance.

Improvements experienced

Innovamat now has a more stable platform that is monitored 24 hours a day, with the implementation of IAC (Terraform), any change in infrastructure can be made quickly and easily and new functionalities can be deployed in other geographical areas in an agile manner. The implementation of Kubernetes also allows for more controlled and scalable environments.


“The partnership with Geko set a milestone in our infrastructure and pipelines, they have an extremely skilled team with the closeness of an in-house development.” – Alex Espinet Perez-Muelas, Innovamat