Case study – Venca

Case study – Venca

We would like to share with you our day-to-day experience with our client Venca, its Technical Account Manager has answered some questions about the project.

What is Venca?

Venca is the leading fashion company in distance selling in Spain. Its more than 40 years of experience have made it an expert company. Venca is currently a marketplace, with its own collection, where you can find everything you need for your daily life and also for special occasions.

How could Geko help Venca?

Venca aims to leave certain processes behind in order to move towards new technologies that guarantee the scalability and agility of its platform. The project is based on taking part of its possible infrastructure to the cloud.

Venca is closely linked to Microsoft technologies, such as Office 365, much of its infrastructure is based on it (including servers), so the adoption of Azure as a cloud provider is a logical line.

In addition, work is being done in parallel to improve the performance of the websites.

Venca is made up of a large and complex infrastructure composed of many services, among which it stores and serves all the images of its products, this storage is growing, which at the level of backup and operations is increasingly complex.

Part of Venca’s operations will be managed by Azure, leading to a reduction in costs and increased agility when serving its images. This causes an update in the technology of Venca’s website, which translates into a further step towards the modernisation and flexibility of its website, being able to adopt new technologies to address a better future to serve Venca’s customers.

Where does Venca want to go?

Their long-term challenge is to leave behind obsolete technologies, and to have a flexible, scalable infrastructure in the cloud. It’s a long process given the size and complexity of your infrastructure.

What service does Geko offer Venca?

Geko helps Venca to improve its infrastructure and operational work, managing its services related to eCommerce infrastructures, as well as architecture and migration tasks. In short, a continuous service is offered through the dedicated resource of a Technical Account Manager.

In addition, the implementation of the new website has been strengthened which has increased the joint work in which Geko is involved in solving daily issues.


  • The migration of the imaging service and other services to the Azure cloud.
  • Improvements have been made in terms of monitoring and alerts.
  • 24×7 monitoring service to solve emergencies in maximum one hour.
  • Infrastructure for the migration of its new eCommerce technology.
  • Testing of web performance, simulating user traffic making requests and checking the response of the infrastructure in terms of memory, calculation processes, speed of response times, data traffic.


“Geko is a company made up of highly professional, knowledgeable and performance oriented people. No doubt if you are looking for a company to help you in everything related to Cloud strategies, Devops, CI / CA, etc … with an exquisite follow-up and dedication, and a high proactivity they are a company to count on.” – Jordi Badia, CTO Venca