Case study – Verse

Case study – Verse

About the client

Verse aims to take the friction out of spending and sharing money through peer-to-peer transactions. Its digital wallet enables instant, secure and free sharing of spending in EUcountries.

Verse is working closely with the Cash App organisation to build a product that perfects the world’s relationship with money by making it universally accessible.

Although it is something we don’t come across often, Verse already had a team of engineers/developers with a very multidisciplinary profile who carried out the DevOps philosophy, managing the migration to the cloud of its platform and the implementation of Kubernetes themselves.

Project challenge

Verse changed its business model from a payment gateway to become its own payment platform. For this transformation, they needed to integrate with a global technology network that guarantees the use of credit or debit cards, for which their infrastructure needs to be integrated with the communications of this entity.

Geko joined this project to establish the mentioned communication between the Verse platform in its cloud provider and the infrastructure of the global payment network, in a secure way, offering high availability, being a challenge to unite the cloud and Kubernetes with a legacy/operational part of the other entity.

Geko is leading this project by creating a design and architecture for this strong high-availability communication and implementing it on the Verse platform in the most transparent and efficient way possible.

Improvements experienced

It is unprecedented for a fintech startup to integrate natively from the cloud with a large global technology company. This has meant that instead of being an application with a digital payment method, now, thanks to this integration, it is also its own payment method with a card.


The project was completed on time and Geko is proud to have been part of this cloud integration with a large scale payment gateway, being possibly the first service provider to have done such an operation in Spain. It has been a real pleasure to work with the competent team at Verse.


  • Kubernetes
  • VPN
  • BGP
  • Load balancing


Geko is a first class partner, whenever we have needed them they have been there and they have provided us with an excellent service, solving complex infrastructure problems. – Dave García, CTO