Case study – Finloop

Case study – Finloop

What is Finloop?

FinLoop is a leading provider of integrated and flexible software solutions for the commercial real estate debt market. Our team of real estate finance professionals, technologists and engineers have developed a complete digital toolkit for sourcing, managing, and closing CRE loans. As a property investor, developer, debt advisor, investment sales broker or lender, FinLoop’s digital platforms solutions enable you to scale your business faster and more efficiently.

We talked to one of its co-founders, with whom we have worked hand by hand on this project, Jordi Torra, who likes to take special care of the infrastructure. When FinLoop started as a startup, he couldn’t dedicate the time required for its infrastructure, and hiring a DevOps internally is complicated and expensive, so Geko provided him with what he needed in terms of experience and skills.

What is Finloop and Geko’s collaboration like?

Geko helped FinLoop business go to the cloud, accompanying them in the building of their infrastructure, and also implementing Kubernetes.

The main goal in this project is to streamline their processes, facilitate automated testing and that each change means a deployment to their pre-production environments, ensuring the quality of their applications.

In addition, Geko collaborates with Finloop’s development team in the implementation of agile methodologies for the development of its application and, as a DevOps team, works to promote integration with the development team and promote greater agility.

What differences has Finloop experienced after working with Geko?

Jordi tells us that having Geko has allowed him to focus on the business with the peace of mind that things are done with good judgement and according to his own preferences. He highlights that he has appreciated having an empathetic team that knows the infrastructure 100% and has participated in the decisions when there has been a problem. A notable advantage of having Geko as an outsourced DevOps team is that the transfer of knowledge or holiday cover has been possible without affecting the business.

In relation to the product, Geko’s collaboration in the FinLoop project has meant an acceleration of the implementation of its product and greater technical support.


I have worked with Geko from 2 completely different perspectives. First in a company with an annual turnover of 50 M. In this context the most important thing was stability, cost control, monitoring and security management. Geko supported me during this period, proving to be professional, fast and proactive. In the 2nd scenario (the current one) it is a startup and the approach is completely the opposite. I expect (and get) from them to contribute ideas, solutions and pivot with whatever is necessary. They know how to put themselves in my skin, be flexible and give in every moment the answer I need. Too often I make them go that “extra mile” for some difficult situation and they are always there. Now is when I say that I would “recommend a friend”, but in fact, I have been recommending them for a long time.” –
Jordi Torra, CTO Finloop