Case study – Aizon

Case study – Aizon

What is Aizon?

Aizon is an AI software provider that transforms manufacturing operations through the use of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and other intelligent factory technologies focused on production optimization within highly regulated industries. Aizon’s AI platform seamlessly integrates unlimited sources of structured and unstructured data to deliver actionable insight across all manufacturing sites.

What is the starting point?

The relationship between Geko and  Aizon is one and a half years old, arising from the need to have a very complex Amazon Web Services environment and not having an internal DevOps team with sufficient knowledge to handle such a configuration.

 Aizon had an indoor architecture manager with sufficient knowledge of the platform for some internal control.

What challenges do you face after Geko’s collaboration with Aizon?

Firstly, it was necessary to make an assessment of the architecture environment and how the application development cycle was being configured and managed until then.  Aizon was already working in the cloud with several Amazon accounts that were managed in a somewhat complex way.

An initial audit was carried out and a report generated, after which it was decided to collaborate by dedicating two full-time resources to the control and improvement of its infrastructure.

The objective that arose from an initial analysis was to migrate the platform with Terraform, a process that has been carried out during this time.

The day to day…

The joint team of Geko and  Aizon has grown over this year and a half, with Geko now having 3 full resources which are integrated into the day to day work of the  Aizon development team, its IT manager and its DevOps engineer.

A roadmap is used to control and improve the platform and architecture through sprints in order to achieve internal objectives.

What has been the evolution of the project?

At the beginning of the relationship between Geko and  Aizon, then Bignfinite, they had a very complex platform management tool that prevented the evolution at the pace required by the business. During the joint work, a more agile management was achieved, in accordance with the required speed. We have gone from managing one client on the platform and two proofs of concept to the possibility of creating an account per week.

Geko has worked on automating processes, increasing control, simplifying  Aizon architecture as much as possible, and towards the loss of certain dependencies.


“You will not notice that are an “external company” due to their full dedication and implication in the project. I’m working with them for more than one year and they are always a step further detecting needs an proposing solution that combined with the expertise they have of AWS make them the perfect companion.” –
Isidoro Legido, Aizon