How to enable Brotli compression on Ingress-Nginx

Introduction Brotli is a compression method developed by Google and released in 2015. Depending on the scenario, brotli is capable of achieving a compression rate improvement of between 20 and 30% over gzip, which is the ingress-nginx default compression method. ingress-nginx configuration To create the ingress-nginx based on our provider, we can follow the documentation […]

RDS performance issues by IOPS on GP SSD

We want to share with you a problem that we have recently solved with a project. RDS is the managed database service offered by AWS that solves the main management, operation and maintenance problems involved in having a relational database platform. With RDS everything is very simple, you guarantee the service and the operative allowing […]

Howto setup Grafana with LDAP in k8s using Helm

Hey there! If you reached this blog I guess that you are struggling with Grafana Helm chart to make it work with your LDAP. Seek no more, you just got to the place that you were searching for. Introduction If you have used Grafana before you might know that there are several integrations for authentication. […]

GCP/GKE – New logging system

Introduction It’s very likely you have been running a GKE cluster at the version v1.15 for many months without issues and then -suddenly- the logs stopped being received. You are using the default logging system the system provides, so you then check the GCP status website but everything is running fine. You also know you […]

Jenkins X preview environments

This is the second post about Jenkins X of a series of posts that we will write. Some weeks ago we wrote an introductory post talking about what is Jenkins X and how can help you to deploy your application into a kubernetes cluster. This time we will talk about a Jenkins X feature called […]

Increase your eCommerce sales by migrating to cloud

The importance of e-commerce grows, much more even after the situation caused by COVID-19, which has changed the trend of users consumption in a migration from physical stores to electronic commerce. As a result, many companies have been encouraged to open their own online shopping platforms betting hard on internet as a powerfull sales channel, […]

Kubernetes backups with Velero

Talk about backup in a Kubernetes cluster may sound weird and you may thing is not necessary as you can recreate at any time and in a very quick way any of your deployments or resources simply aplying a yaml file… but in some cases a backup of your resources can be very useful and […]

Nginx and Letsencrypt with certbot in docker alpine

UPDATE 31/08/2020 As Nicolas ponted out in the comments, the alpine software repositories already include the certbot package and therefore can be updated directly with apk: apk add certbot certbot-nginx Original post In this lab we will learn how to install certbot using the official nginx:alpine docker image and use it to create a SSL […]

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