Increase your eCommerce sales by migrating to cloud

The importance of e-commerce grows, much more even after the situation caused by COVID-19, which has changed the trend of users consumption in a migration from physical stores to electronic commerce. As a result, many companies have been encouraged to open their own online shopping platforms betting hard on internet as a powerfull sales channel, […]

Dependency Track: Analyze your vulnerabilities from the use of third-party components

In this post we are going to talk about the OWASP tool called Dependency-Track. To start, a good question is…. What is Dependency-Track? Dependency Track is a vulnerability analysis tool that audits the components or external libraries that we use for our applications. This tool has integrations with different vulnerability databases such as NPM Public […]

Kubernetes external secrets

In this post we will talk about Kubernetes external secrets. It’s a project developed by the GoDaddy Engeneering Team that allows to use external secrets management systems to securely add secrets to your kubernetes cluster. At the time of writing, it supports the following backends: AWS Secrets Manager AWS System Manager GCP Secret Manager Azure […]

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