Kubernetes external secrets

In this post we will talk about Kubernetes external secrets. It’s a project developed by the GoDaddy Engeneering Team that allows to use external secrets management systems to securely add secrets to your kubernetes cluster. At the time of writing, it supports the following backends: AWS Secrets Manager AWS System Manager GCP Secret Manager Azure […]

Azure cost estimate

When moving to a new cloud provider, pricing is an important factor to be taken into account which also raises quite a lot of doubts and concerns. Azure offers a huge number of different services, products, and location. All at different rates. Estimate your cost Azure provides you with a comprehensive tool to estimate the […]

Securing Jenkins access to AWS (part I)

Jenkins is an open source automation server used to accelerate the software delivery process and has become the de facto DevOps engine, specially for its scripted Jenkinsfile pipelines committed to source control. To accomplish its function, Jenkins needs to interface with some external systems, such as GitHub or, the reason for this article, AWS. One […]

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