Engineering Culture: keeping knowledge is not in anymore

What is Engineering Culture?

Engineering Culture is the nice name that has been given to the concept that is trying to take root in new companies to share the knowledge you have, the tools you find useful, or the help that can be given to other projects. It goes with the idea of the DevOps methodology of eliminating silos of knowledge and work and that sharing this knowledge generates benefits for everyone involved.



What are the benefits?

Sharing knowledge with the rest of the internal teams, for example through a slack channel or shared proofs of concept, or with the rest of the world through open projects or blog posts (like this one!) not only helps to get external contributions to improve ideas and processes, but it is also a very good way to gain publicity and quality public outreach, which generates better leads and is positive image-wise.

How can I promote Engineering Culture?

There are many ways to drive this culture in your company to take advantage of its many benefits:

  • Create quality content with lessons learned in blogs, videos or social media.
  • Dedicate internal time to teaching and training of tools at the technical level by the teams themselves.
  • Dedicating resources to creating open source tools for the public
  • Dedicating resources to “giving back” to open source projects that you use, either financially or in terms of programming time or bug fixing, or documentation.

Keeping things in-house is no longer in, part of your marketing and lead creation strategy can, and perhaps should, include giving back to the community that supports your product every day!


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