Steps before migrate to the cloud

Is your business ready to migrate to the cloud? Migrating to the cloud is one of the main ways for companies to grow, as it allows them to work more efficiently, increase flexibility, accessibility and cybersecurity. In order to take advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer, it is highly desirable to […]

Some skills that every DevOps expert should have

Let’s start by explaining what the “DevOps” methodology consists of. This methodology seeks to bring development and operations teams closer together, optimizing processes throughout the software development lifecycle, from coding to maintenance. For this reason, many companies are looking for a DevOps expert profile: a professional with skills and knowledge in a wide range of […]

Discover the periodic table of DevOps tools

The periodic table of DevOps tools shows the leading technologies in the different categories of this service or, as some people call it, philosophy. This table allows users to visualise in a dynamic and ordered way the most popular DevOps tools by functionality and pricing model (Open Source, Free, Freemium, Paid, Enterprise). Regardless of whether […]

The role of the architecture lead

Why was the role of Architecture Lead created at Geko? Geko started its journey just over two years ago with small projects and a structure that worked, but as larger projects came in we realised the need to manage them more efficiently. What is the role of an Architecture Lead in DevOps? A DevOps architect […]

On-premise vs cloud

The on-premise vs. cloud dilemma has been a hot topic lately when it comes to companies making a decision about their platform infrastructure. Despite the benefits of the cloud, there are also detractors who argue that they prefer to have full control over their infrastructure, or that they want to cut costs to the extreme […]

SRE lead's role in the company

Introduction Geko —now two years old— is at the beginning of the peak of its growth. Currently, with fourteen people on staff and a continuously growing client portfolio, different needs are beginning to be perceived in terms of the management and structure of the company. For this reason, some new roles have been established to manage […]

Cloud migration “lift and shift”

If you are considering migrating to the cloud , you have probably considered the “lift and shift” option, migrating to the cloud without redesigning the architecture or optimizing it for hosting in the cloud environment. Opting for this type of strategy is not always the best option, depending on the needs of your business and […]

5 Keys to choosing the best cloud provider

In today’s fast-changing environment, many businesses are starting to think about how cloud solutions can help them improve their productivity, but before making the decision of going to the cloud, companies must choose which provider they want to provide these cloud services to them. If you are considering moving your platform to the cloud, especially […]

AWS vs Azure, which one should I choose?

Introduction Migrating to the cloud is becoming increasingly common and convenient for most companies that work on the Internet, given that it offers advantages such as scalability, agility, cost reduction, availability, etc. But when it comes to deciding on a cloud provider, how do we decide which one is the most convenient? We are going […]