5 Keys to choosing the best cloud provider

In today’s fast-changing environment, many businesses are starting to think about how cloud solutions can help them improve their productivity, but before making the decision of going to the cloud, companies must choose which provider they want to provide these cloud services to them. If you are considering moving your platform to the cloud, especially […]

AWS or Azure, which one should I choose?

Introduction Migrating to the cloud is becoming increasingly common and convenient for most companies that work on the Internet, given that it offers advantages such as scalability, agility, cost reduction, availability, etc. But when it comes to deciding on a cloud provider, how do we decide which one is the most convenient? We are going […]

Why outsource DevOps?

Introduction The DevOps methodology, as you probably already know, unifies the work of software development (“dev”) and the operations part of it (“ops”), in order to cause an exhaustive monitoring and automation in all stages of the software of any type of product. That is why any company (ecommerce, Fintech, pharmaceutical, consulting, training…) is susceptible […]

What is Kubernetes and when to use it

First of all… You probably already know something about what Kubernetes is, or you’ve heard of it, but if you don’t quite understand the advantages of this powerful tool, in Geko we want to guide you. As you may already know, Kuberentes is a container orchestrator that allows you to deploy your production applications to […]

A quick view of modules in Terraform

Introduction Modules in Terraform are a collection of resources that can be linked or just created individually. When we call a module, we are calling a file with a bunch of resources with some parameters inside, parameters we need either to specify in the resource itself or in another file which stores our variables. Why […]

Kubectl Plugins in just 3 steps

Introduction Many times to fullfill our daily tasks we find ourselves in the situation of having to build our own tools to solve specific problems or situations. In this note I am going to show you how easy it is to create a plugin for kubectl. A plugin is simply an executable program that allows […]

Load and stress web testing with Taurus

Introduction There are plenty of tools to test your web performance, each of them have their pros and cons and besides that you probably will end up choosing whichever you already know and you feel more comfortable with. In this post we would like to write about a tool we have recently known. That is […]

Geko, your DevOps team

Introduction Today we want to talk to you about Geko cloud, what it is and why it was created. Geko was created two and a half years ago by David and José Luis. After years of experience in the Internet sector, they saw the need for a service that would cover the entire life cycle […]

Kubernetes CronJobs – A deeper look

Introduction Nowadays is more and more common for companies to migrate some parts of their infrastructure —or even the entire company— to the cloud. There are two main approaches: Stay as close as possible to the previous architecture by using VMs, or bet for flexibility/scalability/availability and go for a new perspective by using a container […]