Why outsource DevOps?


The DevOps methodology, as you probably already know, unifies the work of software development (“dev”) and the operations part of it (“ops”), in order to cause an exhaustive monitoring and automation in all stages of the software of any type of product. That is why any company (ecommerce, Fintech, pharmaceutical, consulting, training…) is susceptible to turn to “DevOps as a service“, as it will cause a development of any type of software faster and with better quality.


Why is it a good decision to have an external DevOps team?

  1. Hiring a team of DevOps specialists internally can be a very complex and costly task. Bearing in mind that, as the project progresses, you may need different skills from this profile, having a DevOps consultancy means that you can have at your disposal different experts in tools and technologies that are undoubtedly being updated every day. You may decide to migrate your platform to the cloud with the provider Amazon Web Services or Azure, but at a more advanced stage of the project you may also decide to implement Kuberentes, something that the DevOps consultancy will be able to satisfy with one of its experts who have the necessary certificates and experience more easily than it would take you to train an internal employee or hire a new specialist.
  2. Outsourcing DevOps consulting will improve the productivity of your development team thanks to the progressive optimisation of their work, while your development team is focused on improving the product and implementing new features, the DevOps team will be dedicated to managing it in the cloud, making the product more stable and efficient, offering continuous support.

What to look for in a DevOps team?

  • Good communication: it is essential to have fluent and ongoing communication between the development team and the DevOps team for the correct execution of good practices in the day-to-day development of the product. At Geko, we maintain agile and continuous communication channels with each client, which allow us to know the status of the developments, as well as the state of the business at all times, working in an aligned and coherent way.
  • A dedicated Technical Account Manager: having a DevOps reference for the project increases the stability and knowledge of the project. The DevOps consultancy can assign the person who is an expert in the technologies that best suits your project, such as an expert in Kuberentes or an expert in Azure, etc. At Geko we have experts certified in the main cloud providers and with experience in designing and building architectures.
  • Adaptability: when hiring a DevOps service there are no closed options, it is about finding experts who adapt at any time to the needs of your product, according to its development cycle, using the technologies and cloud providers that best suit the characteristics and needs of the product. At Geko we are not sellers of any cloud provider, we develop a plan tailored to your needs in order to obtain the best results.
  • Continuous monitoring: A DevOps expert should set up all kinds of automatic testing for your platform instead of employing a person to check every page of your application. This will foresee problems in the development cycle, deployments, servers, performance and vulnerabilities. At Geko, we also have 24×7 support that guarantees the solution of incidents in a maximum time of one hour.


Having “DevOps-as-a-service” allows you to take advantage of delegating all the tasks related to the management and maintenance of the system to the DevOps consulting company. You will achieve the automation of solid processes that will allow you to eliminate bottlenecks in software development so that the team can go full speed ahead with its sprints.

At Geko we are at your disposal to make a first assessment of your architecture without obligation and see if we can help you.

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