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Today we want to talk to you about Geko cloud, what it is and why it was created.

Geko was created two and a half years ago by David and José Luis. After years of experience in the Internet sector, they saw the need for a service that would cover the entire life cycle of the product, so that developers could fully dedicate themselves to developing it.

Geko’s team works on a daily basis with clients dedicated to various commercial activities, from the pharmaceutical industry, financial products, training, comparators, to marketplaces. Our mission is to collaborate with each of them in their rapid and secure growth, strengthening their technical team and managing their infrastructures.

For the people who make up Geko, it is very important to keep up fluid communication with each client’s development team, trying to adapt methodologies and technologies as much as possible to their needs and preferences.

What do we do?

At Geko, we analyse your infrastructure in order to improve automation and internal processes, so that the deployment of your application is agile, efficient and secure, which results in an improvement in time to market and your KPIs.

Platform architecture

We design an architecture adapted to your needs and that grows according to your real demand. We help you to divide it into smaller services so that it is easier to maintain, to manage and to allow the team to work in an agile and productive way.


We implement monitoring platforms to operate preventive and reactive tracking of your platform/companies so that you can prevent future failures and understand where they come from.


You may have heard this term a lot but you don’t know specifically what it refers to. Well, beyond entering into discussions of whether DevOps is a philosophy or a culture, we can describe it as a methodology based on the integration of the work of developers and system administrators, which makes it possible for the first ones to dedicate themselves to development and their code can be deployed in seconds.

At Geko, we implement DevOps methodologies so that all our clients’ work is replicable, traceable and secure.

Why Geko?

We know the problems you may face and we have a background of experience in proposing efficient solutions, avoiding the technical costs that can result from wrong implementations, using the best practices on the market.

Unlike other companies, we do not work exclusively with any cloud service provider. We are free to adapt to the needs of our clients and introduce ourselves into their methodologies and work philosophy.

Direct contact and proximity to our clients is a fundamental pillar of our service, which is why we work as one more piece of their internal team.

We want to help you achieve your goals! Shall we talk?

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