Why Team Building Works?

Why Team Building Works?

Team Building means “team building” teamwork and thus increase the productivity of employees. At Geko Cloud we frequently organize fun and innovative activities that help create a positive business culture.

With this we seek to reinforce the 3 basic pillars to build a team and the good relationship between colleagues: motivation, collaboration and experience.

What benefits does Team Building provide?

  • Improves worker motivation, work environment and team creativity
  • Strengthens mutual trust between different team members
  • Increases self-knowledge, strengths and weaknesses of the person
  • It allows an analysis of the possible corrections and improvements that can be carried out within the organization
  • Strengthens leadership and the ability to delegate responsibilities
  • Increases resistance to stress
  • Stimulates and enhances the spirit of teamwork
  • Promotes communication and integration between the different areas and members of an organization
  • It improves the reaction of sagacity and ingenuity in situations of pressure, change or conflicts that may arise.
  • Improve time management optimization
  • Fun moments with the rest of the team and colleagues


At Geko Cloud we are very much in favor of this type of activities and meetings, which is why we frequently organize Team Buildings, where employees who work fully remotely travel to enjoy these sessions and meet in person in full.

On this occasion we enjoyed a gastronomic workshop.
The kitchen provides an ideal setting to strengthen personal and professional relationships.
These activities work perfectly as catalysts for intergroup synergies, group dynamics, team building, improved communication, cooperation, leadership…

We spent a few hours fun and discovering our most personal side. We are a great team, united and interpenetrated. We are a great family. We are the Geko family.


Team Building Geko


Is it clear that Team Building is a fun and innovative alternative that helps create a positive business culture.

On our LinkedIn you will find more images and information about Geko’s Team Building activity.

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