Increase your eCommerce sales by migrating to cloud

The importance of e-commerce grows, much more even after the situation caused by COVID-19, which has changed the trend of users consumption in a migration from physical stores to electronic commerce. As a result, many companies have been encouraged to open their own online shopping platforms betting hard on internet as a powerfull sales channel, and existing electronic stores have to improve their infrastructure to adapt themselves to this growing demand. 

And in this, Cloud is a great ally. The cloud is the ideal place to host your e-commerce platform and offers you many possibilities that are available to all types of companies: large, medium, small businesses, B2B or B2C orient

Cloud environments offered many advantages for your ecommerce: 


A cloud computing solution will allow you to adapt the resources to your needs. Migrating your e-commerce to cloud allows to increase or decrease the capacity of your website depending on demand, thus optimizing speed and response time and this translates into a better experience for your users. The response speed of an e-commerce is a key point and a poor server service that slows down the loading of the web page can lead to a 20% loss sales for every second of delay. Seasons like Christmas, black friday or sales, where there is a great demand, you must have an e-commerce capable of yielding and always giving its best version to the final user. In these cases, having an online store hosted in a cloud infrastructure is clincher, since the cloud will increase resources based on those peaks in demand and will reduce them when they are no longer needed.. 

Cost savings

This scalability and optimization of resources also allows you to save costs, cloud infrastructures are so flexible that you will only pay for the resources you consume and really need. In addition to saving on the classic infrastructure of servers and hardware. This implies greatly reducing your first investment, in addition to the fact that maintenance costs are also lower than the usual tech infrastructure. With this savings you can redirect that investment to aspects that really boost your business, such as marketing or SEO.

With this, the cloud allows us to start from a first version of the store as a proof of concept or test with very affordable costs with the advantage that if the project prospers, we can grow resources vertically or horizontally to prepare the infrastructure to higher user demand and never lose the business opportunity, balancing investment against demand in a very balanced way. A good cloud implementation will also make it possible for the infrastructure itself to make growth or decrease decisions in real time so that the client does not always have to be on the lookout and can only focus on his business.

Greater security

Hosting your online store in a cloud infrastructure implies 24/7 availability and reduces the risks of server breakdowns, cyber attacks … This is an important point, because e-commerce deals with sensitive customers data and in case of cyber attack from Data theft could be a legal and economic catastrophe. However, the worst thing that can happen to you with a cloud ecommerce is a server crashing, which means little more than a bad image and a conversions reduction.

As we have commented, security levels improve depending on the investment made in perimeter access layers such as implementation of CDN, WAF modules, firewalls, etc. All this can be phased and quantifiable so that it is not necessary to make a significant initial investment, but it is essential to have these tools and be prepared

Another fundamental point is to be able to guarantee with objective data and ISO, PCI, etc. certifications the quality of the security of access to the data, both for your client and for possible investment sources that could participate in the future of the project. They will always ask us for quality criteria and security control. At this point, the cloud gives us a totally oriented environment for these purposes.

Ease of management

Cloud infrastructure management is very easy and intuitive. This, in adition with the services of an expert cloud migration team like Geko, makes it easy to deploy your business online in a cloud environment and manage it.

Our 24X7 implementation, maintenance and monitoring policy, thanks to our tools, allow us to have a vision of the consumption and use trend of your platform and thus, react and prevent any event on your platform, on demand for traffic, security attack etc. At Geko Cloud we work


In short, hosting your e-commerce in the cloud means cost savings, scalable infrastructure, data security and ease of management. All this allows you to offer online store service through a cloud platform without having to spend a lot of time or resources.

What are you waiting for to take your online store to the cloud? We help you?

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