AWS vs Azure, which one should I choose?


Migrating to the cloud is becoming increasingly common and convenient for most companies that work on the Internet, given that it offers advantages such as scalability, agility, cost reduction, availability, etc. But when it comes to deciding on a cloud provider, how do we decide which one is the most convenient?

We are going to talk about the most popular providers, which offer a service with certain similarities but work under different schemes, are AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure, being these the most chosen by companies that want to make the leap to the cloud. But when it comes to choosing, we must take into account the advantages and service offerings of each one applied to our business strategy.

A brief comparison between AWS and Azure

We will only compare two aspects that may be fundamental for this choice, the investment and the resources that each of these two providers have.

  • The investment is one of the main unknowns in the equation when we are going to migrate to the cloud, as with any change we decide to make in the company. The increase in the number of cloud providers, which means increased competition, has led to a reduction in prices and the adoption of pay-per-use (PAYG), in order to offer the best option to the client. Something that was previously offered on a monthly payment basis. What has changed is the payment model:

  • We can also tell the difference between the resources offered by the two providers:

Other features to compare between AWS and Azure

  • Amazon Web Services provides tools to set aside hardware, licenses and added costs, focusing on a serverless model.
  • On the other hand, Azure focuses on hybrid clouds, taking advantage of the fact that on-premise models work better because they are licensed by Microsoft.
  • AWS offers automated machine learning solution products.
  • Azure also has machine learning products but they need more development and may cause limitations for adaptability.
  • Scalability and flexibility without minimum consumption is one of the advantages of AWS.
  • In the case of Azure, it has a default storage package.


Taking into account the features mentioned above and others that we can find to make a comparison between AWS and Azure, we can establish the following reasons for choosing one provider or the other:

  • Why choose AWS?

If your company needs to significantly increase its scalability, has flexibility in payment models and needs consulting to migrate to the cloud yes or yes.

  • Why choose Azure?

If your company already uses or has a relationship with Microsoft and also needs a robust and very secure infrastructure.

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