5 Reasons why the Cloud is safer than your office server

5 Reasons why the Cloud is safer than your office server

Today one of the main concerns in companies is data security.

For this reason, in this article, we will see what are the advantages that the Cloud model provides in the field of security compared to the traditional model that we have always had and there are still many companies that maintain it.


Why should we have a Cloud model in our company?

First of all, identify the type of cloud you are working on. We remember that we have different basic models: On-Premise, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. The management of systems and security is progressively delegated to the provider depending on the contracted services, but some points will always depend on the client. We cannot forget that if we go into prices, the cloud option is the cheapest solution for the end customer (11% cheaper). As we should know, not all infrastructure depends on the cloud provider.

These are the 5 reasons why the Cloud is more secure than your office server:

  • Physical facilities

The first thing we should worry about is the space itself where the hardware is housed. The technical room, CPD or Datacenter is a very sensitive place that must have different controls to be able to say that it is safe. First of all, it should be a separate room with restricted access with at least one lock. Continuity of service (facility servers) is also very important.

  • Perimeter security

Security and proper functioning is essential for the sustainability of the model and therefore it is important to invest in good security.

The same could be said of intrusion detection and protection systems in the infrastructure.

  • Data storage and backups

In the cloud model, there are different elements related to storage, adapting to the needs of each company and allowing for redundancy, backup and content access control.

  • Redundancy (geographical redundancy)

One of the main mistakes made by companies is having a location that is too close to the main CPD. In cloud service providers, by contract, they have geo-redundant services in different CPDs with a great distance between them, thus ensuring business continuity in the event that a site is compromised.

  • Updates

As a general rule, the systems need to be updated in order to have a better service. Along with these updates, security updates are introduced that allow you to protect yourself from possible threats on the market. In the cloud model, the provider is responsible for updating all the systems it manages (PaaS/SaaS).


As we have seen in this brief explanation, it is very important for companies to be up-to-date and have a good cloud service, essential for their business strategy and above all to avoid external attackers that could damage the company.


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