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Geko —now two years old— is at the beginning of the peak of its growth. Currently, with fourteen people on staff and a continuously growing client portfolio, different needs are beginning to be perceived in terms of the management and structure of the company.
For this reason, some new roles have been established to manage the team from different perspectives. One of them is the SRE Lead (Site Reliability Engineer), which we will talk about in this post.

Why was the role of SRE Lead born?

Prior to the existence of this position, there was some difficulty in understanding between the development team and the operations team. While the first ones are in charge of launching their code and the second ones maintain it in production, both parties were poorly connected with little knowledge of the code on the part of the operators and little information on the operational and infrastructure practices on the part of the developers.
It is because of these frictions that the DevOps methodology began to be implemented in companies, a set of good practices that generate a connection between developers and operators.

What is the SRE post like?

This role is still quite new and its performance may not always be clear, although more and more companies are counting on it. At Geko, we consider it essential to implement this role in this growth phase in order to automate as much as possible in the company’s operational processes.
For the SRE role, it is necessary to have skills in terms of work methodology as well as personal management skills. The role is based on ensuring consistency in the implementation of projects and managing project expectations. This is why certain personal skills are required, as you can be very adept at automation and have extensive technical knowledge, but you need to know what questions to ask, know precisely what the team is working on, and communicate effectively.

The SRE rol in Geko Cloud

Juan Vela is our Site Reliability Engineer, to get his perspective on his own function we asked him a few questions, key points that he considers this rol has whithin Geko Cloud and the benefits it brings indirectly to the customer.

Don’t miss this short video where Juan explains his role as a SRE Lead in Geko.

At Geko cloud we want to be an extension of your technical team, allowing them to focus on the development of your product while we take care of it with the best DevOps practices.

Contact us and let’s talk about how we could help you make your platform more agile and secure!

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