Continuous Cloud infrastructure monitoring

  • Cost monitoring
  • Business kpi
  • Trend data
  • Alerts
  • NOC (Network Operations Center)

Give visibility to your data with cloud data monitoring systems

Everything under control!

Gaining visibility into your company’s data with a continuous monitoring system is the key to really know what is happening in your infrastructure and have complete control over the impact of your decisions and changes, not only for real-time motivations, but also For analysis. of trends and BI.

With our NOC continuous monitoring panels, you can estimate the growth of the trend of your services, prevent your future needs and verify the resources you are working with and optimize them in every circumstance

Our tracking platform inserts an annotation into the monitoring panel every time CI / CD pipes run an implementation or modification job. These annotations go a long way in verifying the behavior of the platform before and after a new change.

The logs monitoring tool bring you information about issues or behaviour of your user experience, geo localization, response codes, url tracking, attack detecting, latency and more.

The implementation of a logs monitoring platform increase the quality of your service, and help and teach your development staff to identify bottlenecks, where the users are coming from, scrappers detection and more.

We assume that nowadays it is almost impossible have just one monitoring product for all the sources and need but we have a lot of experience with different market solutions and we can provide automatic tools that bring monitoring up and runing when you deploy a new piece of infrastructure

Analyze > React > Improve

  • Business KPI Control

    KPI business dashboards to keep track of your most important metrics: performance, user experience, traffic, conversion ratio, billing and more ..

  • Alerting

    We help you creating logical rules for specific behaviors on your systems to ensure that each alert will contact the appropriate internal resource. Geko can help you with automating the alert process and also to build workflows that fit your needs.

  • NOC

    Geko NOC (Network Operation Center) offers a 24X7 monitoring service that will detect, analyze and solve your incidents. Our alert platform keeps you informed about problems and resolution times with a mobile application and also by email.

What is included in the Geko-NOC continuous Cloud monitoring system

Continuous monitoring system implementation

Monitoring tools

Alarm configuration

Continuous monitoring


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